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$1.29 $1.19

Vertcoin – Binary!

Vertcoin is after all digital, made of binary 1's and 0's so why not make a sticker of it ;). Diameter 3" Sticker.

$1.29 $1.19

Vertcoin – Virtual!

Vertcoin being technical and virtual,  sure there will be glitches but it remains strong despite it all. Diameter 3" Sticker.

$1.29 $1.19

DBill – The Dogecoin Bill (Paper Wallet/BIP38)

 DBill - The Dogecoin Bill (Paper Wallet) The DBill also known as the Dogecoin Bill is a paper wallet that was done with quality in mind.  All bills will be made at times of order and at the time of arrival all that needs to be done is open letter/package, load dogecoins into the bill and enjoy ;).  The Bills are not loaded with Dogecoin but is ready to be loaded by customer when they receive their bill in the mail.  To generate the needed keys (Public/Private BIP38) for the DBill order please refer to the How to generate your BIP38 public and private key section in the Product Description tab below.  

$1.59 $1.19

Vertcoin – Technology!

Vertcoin being the new technology coin on the block deserves some sense of technology nudge and this is done by putting a bit of circuitry to the green logo ;). Diameter 3" Sticker.

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June 27, 2014
Custom Design Service now available

As we expand to more available products we wanted to introduce a service that allows people to have use create graphics for others through their ideas for their personal use and/or organizations with a flat rate fee and this is […]

March 21, 2014
Patience is a Virtue

After a bit of issues with everything that I could control and also things that I couldn’t the website is ready to take orders and I can go back to working on what I love more. Graphic Designing and making […]

March 17, 2014
Sticker Combo!

As the image says, making volume discounts for stickers, the more you buy the more you save!

February 27, 2014
We accept all the coins!

Yup all the coins, well most of them anyways.  I have setup payment options of paypal (for the FIAT customers) along with coinpayments (for the digital currency folk). Now have to make sure there are products to buy so we […]

February 25, 2014
Populating the Products!

Heya guys, Adding stuff into the store however it will remain out of stock status till I figure out digital downloads are set and working, currently adding the promotional Dogecoin card that I was messing with with a bit =). […]

February 23, 2014
Coming Soon!

Making Stuff Graphic Design, will be opening their shop soon! Since will be away from operations for 2 weeks, most likely the first set of graphics will be free or digital download =), so keep a close eye on it!